Book Repair & Conservation

If you have a special book in need of repair or conservation, then we’d be pleased to give it a new lease of life for you.

We have conserved and repaired old leather and cloth books for private clients, historic houses, museums, record offices and library services.

We always endeavour to retain as much of the original binding as possible, whilst using only traditional and conservation grade materials and methods in our work. Our aim is to prolong the life of the book whilst retaining it’s original appearance.

The pricing of conservation and book repairs is difficult without seeing the book first, so you will understand if I start with this disclaimer that :- any prices quoted are only intended to be a guide until the book has been examined first hand.

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    • Northwest Passage

      Not all books require a complete re-bind as was the case with this book. The brief was to make it readable again, without losing any of its authenticity.

    • Laws of Orange County

      This book, like many, had seen better days, with detached boards, damaged corners and loose pages. A new calf leather spine and corners completed the book after other remedial work was done.

    • Unusual Autograph Book

        This unusual autograph book dated from the early part of the 20th Century and is a real treasure of history. Despite having had a hard life and ending up in several pieces  it was repairable.

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