Northwest Passage

Not all books require a complete re-bind as was the case with this book. The brief was to make it readable again, without losing any of its authenticity.

Laws of Orange County

This book, like many, had seen better days, with detached boards, damaged corners and loose pages. A new calf leather spine and corners completed the book after other remedial work was done.

Unusual Autograph Book

  This unusual autograph book dated from the early part of the 20th Century and is a real treasure of history. Despite having had a hard life and ending up in several pieces  it was repairable.

European Butterflies

A beautiful embossed book whose covers and spine  needed to be reattached to the text block. Once completed it was fit to grace any collectors’ library.

Traditional photo album

This album is of the type that holds individually mounted photographs held in by photo corners. The covers were broken and no longer fit for purpose so new ones were made.


For many books time and sellotape have played their part in weakening the cover . However, with care and attention all can be restored.  

Birthday Book

This was the smallest book that I have repaired so far. Although of no intrinsic value, the book is of great sentimental value to the client. Having sewn the book back together a new spine was attached using Charisma paper.

Family Bible

Like many  Victorian Family Bibles this one was much loved but in need of some tlc to prolong its life. New leather was used to create a new spine, with the original spine repaired and positioned on the new. Repairs … Continue reading

Completed Projects

This is a list of some of the projects that have been completed, giving an idea of the sort of work that we do. This is not a complete example of our work, but rather a selection of projects.