If you are interested in having your book repaired, a great way to start, if you have the facilities to do so, is to send some photographs to us via e-mail, which show the areas of damage in need of repair.

In all cases, we would need to see the book first hand before giving you a firm quotation and work commencing.

Phone:  01983 566632, 07719 418924

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    • Northwest Passage

      Not all books require a complete re-bind as was the case with this book. The brief was to make it readable again, without losing any of its authenticity.

    • Laws of Orange County

      This book, like many, had seen better days, with detached boards, damaged corners and loose pages. A new calf leather spine and corners completed the book after other remedial work was done.

    • Unusual Autograph Book

        This unusual autograph book dated from the early part of the 20th Century and is a real treasure of history. Despite having had a hard life and ending up in several pieces  it was repairable.

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